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>> career expert marty nemco has advice for job seekers. do we get what we expect? how your thoughts drive your life. bay area focus, next.
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>> happy new year and welcome to bay area focus. for many 2013 means looking for work. whether you are newly laid off or you have been job hunting for a while, advice and career consultant marty nemko could mean fresh ideas to get you back on payroll. labeled bay area's best career host marty hosts the program work with marty nemko on public radio. he wrote cool careers for dummies and his latest book, how to do life, what they didn't teach you in school.
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welcome back. happy new year. >> to you too. >> we'll get to what they didn't teach you in school. that's a lot. let's start with the new year. will it be good for people looking for work? >> i think it will be at least in the short term. president obama has made major decisions. he has promised he will make 12 million illegal immigrants legal. that will present a tremendous number. from the bureaucrats to those who have to teach for the citizenship exam. once they're legal there are social service needs they'll have for medical care because they'll qualify for obamacare once they're legal, to schools, to social services, social workers. i think that kind of thing short term will create a lot of jobs. >> government jobs. okay. if the fiscal cliff happens and we should be clear, we are
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recording this now, prerecording at a time where we do not know the end of that yet. we don't know the results. if the fiscal cliff happens, whether it does or not, how will it affect jobs? >> it wouldn't be that critical either way. i think it will be a fiscal slope. i know politicians like to cry chicken little but in reality i don't think it will have a major impact. larger impacts will be obamacare. for example, one of the ways it will be somehow affordable is we're going to downgrade medical care. in instead of seeing a doctor you will see a physician assistant. that's where jobs will be. instead of seeing a physical therapist you will see a physical therapist assistant. >> what if somebody has been out of work for a while? therapy smart and willing to retrain. that takes time and money going out. >> the reality is most careers will require training. good news is the careers we were
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talking about are not like four years of medical school and four years of residency. a lot of the programs are one or two years. imaging tech jobs, being a medical imaging technologist or physical therapist assistance. >> if they have the needs, will someone else train them? to be trained you have to have the money to put out for the training. >> the short answer is the employers in this job market no longer have to pay. they used to pay people to go to medical training programs. no longer. good news is community colleges which again is president obama's priority to fund them. they are cheap. you may have to have a survival job whether it's driving a cab or being a waiter, wal-mart greeter in the meantime but training at the community colleges will enable you to train for a career that should have sustainability. >> on those community colleges,
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are those faculties, administrations, the way they are, are they willing to change? say somebody that's been teaching english, that person may not be needed as much as somebody that will teach you to read an x-ray. >> actually better than almost any institutions in america community colleges stay in touch with employment trends and hire people part time, temp whatever, from industry, etc. frankly i think community colleges are the smart money especially for longterm unemployed and people who are lousy networkers. people who are lousy networkers and have lousy skills will not do better by training or continue looking for a low skilled generic job. they need a specific train like robotics, airplane repair, green he have issuancey. they really need training. >> what other areas will be really hot other than the
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obamacare related? >> i briefly mentioned efficiency. the science of becoming clearer that alternative energy like solar and wind will not be that effective. if you look at the solar stock index from the time obama was first elected it is down 95%. >> we have been hearing this a long time. not just the president has been talking about it but a lot of other people. people are not going wow i'm getting rich on this green job. >> people are struggleing to find jobs. the answer will be in efficiency. making buildings, cars more efficient, pollution control. those are more do-able. why do i keep mentioning president obama? i am a moderate guy. he has done more executive orders, circumvented congress to do what he wants. now that he doesn't have to
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worry about reelection i believe that president obama whether you like him or not, he will do lots of things. as i look at my crystal ball i am looking at the things that are implications of what president obama has done and promised will do. >> let's go to college. suppose you have a rising senior or junior in your family. you are hoping you can afford to send the person to college. if you can maybe he/she is not so focused. what advice would you give the family if they sat down with you and said what should he or she be majoring in? >> it is almost an article of faith in america that everybody should go to college. when one looks dispassionately at how much value added accrues from college, 45% according to major study called academically
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adrift, 45% of all freshmen grow little or nothing between freshmen and senior year in writing, reading, etc. according to a study over half of college graduates, those who defy odds and graduate, half are doing work they could have gotten out of high school or are unemployed doing retail, driving cabs, etc. that's a long way of getting to the following answer. if my kid who is not an academic super star i would have him take a gap year. not go to college for a year. explore. do internship at the elbow of an ethical entrepreneur. if he or she is an artist, at the elbow of a great artist. then decide whether to go to college or not. community college really is the most under rated program in america. >> we'll take a gap, a break. when we come back we'll talk to people who have been out of work who are older and maybe facing
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age discrimination. those who want to start a business of your own, is it a good time? those who have been living with mom and dad with the degree framed on the wall, what do you do besides what he said? maybe you have tried that. that's when we return. ,
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>> marty nemko is my guest. >> everybody gives me advice. >> don't listen. >> let's talk to the kids still on the sofa and they're living with mom and dad. you say mom and dad have to get on the phone and help them. if i were a friend of mom and dad i would think oh, they're calling about the kid again. >> make it brief and positive. this is what i will do. i would say susan i feel awkward calling about this but i am like most parents with kids just graduated college, spent $200,000 on this. kid majored in american studies. i got to help him get a job. he's got strengths. he's really great at selling. i am wondering if you might know somebody who has not a yucky sales job but something that's viable, a good launch pad. >> i don't know. i'll look and see. i will go through my list and see if there is somebody i can
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think of. >> love you. that's great. keep thinking about it. that would be wonderful. that kind of thing. >> i think people would be resonant to commit right away. >> you have recruited a scout. if you make five calls to five or eight people you know now you have five or eight keeping their ears open for your kid. that can give your kid a better launch pad than going for the job at wal-mart. >> back to the kid that says i will rework my resume' because what i put out is not getting results. >> resumes fail because they are filled with cliches. i am a unique self starter who believes in indicting customer expectations. that makes employers puke. what's needed in this day and age. if we added up all the quantitative accomplishments every kid did it would be larger than gross domestic product. what's needed are stories.
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par stories. a problem you faced, how you approached it, positive resolution, whether at school, in a course, vocationally or out of school. >> talk to the older person out of work who maybe has been looking, has called his or her friends and said i am looking if you hear of everything using my skills, i am willing to do almost anything. give me a call. >> there is no question that age discrimination exists. it is one strike against you, not three. especially if you instead of feeling embarrassed that you are older you sell it as a strength. explain how having been around the block gives you perspective perhaps young people might not have, problem solving skills you might have. sell it. say that doesn't work. really there are certain fields where being older is a plus, where clientele is older, talking about longterm care insurance, senior housing. there are tons of jobs.
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even things you wouldn't think about like architecture marketing. people that can afford a architect are generally older. finding older clientele and older industry may help you get employed. >> people across the board of any age and skill may say i am tired of working for somebody else. a lot of young people want to be in business for themselves. i know you like the ones that set up the cart. you get the cart, sell them the soup as they come off the train or what have you. what other things can people do to start a business in this economy? >> larger concept i think is important sounds complicated but it's not. ultra simple clone able business. this is the simplest business in the world requiring no money as long as you remember status is the enemy of contentment you can succeed. status doesn't matter. if you start a shoe shine stand called diane fine shine and put it in the downtown district
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where people wear leather schools, for a month, it costs no money to do that. >> don't you have to rent the space. >> maybe. you could go to a big office building and i would say you have space in the lobby doing nothing. we can make all your tenants happy. let me put for free in the corner a shoe shine stand. >> will i be able to make a living in. >> that's why i said clone able. one might make 20 or 30,000. but then i hire my buddy do that one and i open another one and clone it. before you know it i have 20 branches and i am making hundreds of thousands of dollars. >> i am not shining the shoes. we are all making money. >> finding locations. >> it is simple that there is
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less to go wrong. i am much more likely to succeed. >> in your school what they didn't teach you in school, what should they be doing? we have people going to school all the time. there are people anticipating graduation and college entrance next fall. truth is we have people unemployed that can't get work in what they studied. >> one of the things that's most important is we hear the word networking and we want to vomit because it's said so often. the art of networking is not passing out business cards. it's called the art of creating deep connection. i have been on your shows a number of times. by being intimate in the conversation, by asking questions, we have a bond in the relationship. i think one of the more important things a person can do, young college graduates can do, is learn to be open and create authentic deep honest connection with people that will help them find jobs and live a richer life. >> what about social media?
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>> i think maybe wear peaking. everybody was facebook linked and twitter. i think declining share price of facebook is emblem attic of young people saying facebook was last year's hot thing. i think it would be a mistake in job search efforts to prioritize cloud or facebook and twitter. i would prioritize coffee. if i were looking for a job or my son or my father i would say make your goal to have three coffees a week in which you develop that deep connection and ask for leads for a job. >> coffee is better than lunch. by the time you get to conversation it's desert time. the coffee gets to the point but still friendly and one on one. >> agree. >> we'll leave it there. marty is his website. how to do life, what they didn't teach you in school.
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happy new year. >> my pleasure. you too. >> how to visualize he said what it is you should be out there getting when we return.
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>> welcome back. summer is a coach, author and workshop leader who was an entrepreneur, professional speaker and president of a mortgage company. she's one of the experts featured in the book power to change. whether you want to jump start your career, lose weight, improve a personal relationship, whatever, summer says you have to live your life as if your wishes already happened.
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welcome. >> thank you. >> we have heard this before. this is not a brand new concept. it's ages old people will tell you. why is it so difficult do? it seems every time we hear it, it's almost new for us. >> well, it is new to most people. the truth is the laws i teach, laws of attraction, power of imagination, power of our words, this has been talked about forever. it's just people forget. i think as a child we know this and then as we start growing up, we start observing people around us. then we are told not to day dream. >> people will say you've got get practical. you are not going to get a job as we were talking in the last segment, it will not happen with you sitting on the couch hoping the phone rings with the ideal job. what would you tell somebody like we were talking about with marty nemko, if they're discouraged because they sent
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out a zillion resumes and have gotten no return or tried networking and nothing worked yet. it's easier to be in that negative place. how do you turn it around? >> it's easy and important that we do everything we can to be as positive as we can. back a long time ago when i was looking for jobs, i used to visualize that i already had the job i was applying for. when i went for an interview i was there to find out when i started. i wasn't there to find out if i started. in my mind, i already had the job. >> i will sound negative here. but what if you went and did that and visualize that and they called and said you didn't get the job? what did you think? did that ever happen? >> it happened once. i was told they would call on a tuesday. they didn't call. i called the assistant and she said you didn't get the job. i said i want to talk to the boss. he came to the phone and i said
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i thought i had this job. he said you do. she was wrong. so i never for a moment gave it another thought that it wasn't true that i had the job. >> a lot of people would say you were lucky or you were in the right place at the right time. a lot of people feel they have bad luck. a lot of folks feel things are against them because the economy is not good or their job is eliminated because some machine is taking it or it's outsourced and you would say? >> i would say well it's so important that we stay positive and keep -- i would say first of all i didn't get that job, then something better will happen for me. >> it's hard to believe at that point and harder for the person to believe. >> it can be hard to believe at that point. this is a way of changing the way we think. >> do you have to really believe it or can you go through the motions and your body will follow or something?
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>> i love that. we imagine it. we want to believe it as much as we can. sometimes people have to take baby steps. a lot of times i work with people that want to make more money. >> sure. >> maybe i will not make $1 million this year but i will work at making $100,000 this year. >> is it because the 100,000 is more realistic than 1 million or is it you are more likely to believe 100,000 could happen but a million could not? >> that's perfect. when you take a baby step, you start creating a belief within you. when you create the belief that you can make the 100,000 and you get to the 100,000, then you stretch that bigger. you say okay now i will double that. now you can believe you can double that. then you keep working until you get to the million. to me people sabotage themselves
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by making outrageous -- >> people visualize winning the $500 million lottery like saying see if this will work and you know deep down it's not going to. >> exactly. instead we want to say let's see if this works. i was a very negative person. when i came into this teaching i thought this sounds crazy. but there was something within me that resonated. >> what turned you around? was it one moment or one thing to happen? >> it was a moment. i was waiting for somebody to get ready. i was looking at their books. a book jumped into my hand. it was dynamic laws of healing. i opened the book and it says negative words and thoughts get results as easily as positive words and thoughts. in that moment, susan, i felt like a light had been turned on because i knew i was a negative person. what i didn't know was there was
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something i could do about it. i could change myself. i said -- i was very skeptical at the time. i was going to take baby steps. i started finding parking everywhere i want in san francisco. i went coincidence, coincidence. maybe not. then i quit smoking. i doubled my sales. i imagined myself as a magnet and attracting people and places to me. >> you talk about the language. i think that's important. in a tape you have you say basically if you say done visualize, it's the first thing you hear. your mind doesn't make the distinction between the visual and don't do it. don't doesn't mean anything to the visual factor here. >> exactly. perfect. we want to eliminate the word
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don't because the mind cannot picture don't. when we are frustrated because we haven't gotten that job, then we want to say to ourselves i know something better is coming. i know people who after so many rejections they started their own business. they were happier than ever. >> some of the negativity too goes back to fear. fear because it's happened in the past. it didn't work out in the past so i am afraid it will happen again. maybe the parking space will work. we've got go but we want to let you know former information about summer and her workshops visit her website at thank you summer. we leave you now with a look at the annual in the name of love musical tribute to dr. martin luther king, jr. it takes place this year saturday january 19 at the legendary paramount theater in oakland. thank you for watching.
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